January 23rd

On this date in 1849, the Geneva Medical College awarded the first medical degree to a woman in the United States to Elizabeth Blackwell, and in 1997, Madeleine Albright was sworn in as the first female Secretary of State in the country.

So a good day for women’s rights and achievement, but also a good day for humanity.  Secretary Albright was unanimously confirmed by the Senate, and in order for Miss Blackwell to be accepted by Geneva Medical College, the admissions board put the special circumstance to their 150 students; all of them male.  If one student objected, she would rejected.  All 150 men voted to let Miss Blackwell attend and at her graduation, the Dean stood and gave her a bow.

One’s struggle may seem insular.  The trials and tribulations, and the victories and achievements won from it belong to those who are in the thick of the fight, striving to rise.  Dr. Blackwell earned her degree.  Sec. Albright deserved that post.  No one can take any of the credit away from them, but just because a struggle is one’s own, that doesn’t mean they have to face it alone.


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